Women's Dresses

Women's Dresses

Women's Dresses
  • Short Sleeve Pleated Dress
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    Short Sleeve Pleated Dress

    Pleated skirt to make this dress more charm, which means more royal and elegant. This short sleeve pleated dress belongs to the sweet and girly fashion style. It is suitable for OL ladies for both formal and casual occasions.Read More
  • Doll Collar Dress
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    Doll Collar Dress

    Sweet design with the doll collar, added with bowknot to make it more charming. Good quality of fabric that is 100% polyester, which is fine and soft. Fitting shape with draping cutting that is simply and generous. The frills to the bottom make this doll collar dress more special.Read More
  • Embroidered Organza Dress
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    Embroidered Organza Dress

    Skin friendly and comfortable fabric with 100% high level quality polyester. Short sleeve to get the slim arms showed. Empire waist to make the body look slender with golden proportion.Read More
  • Turn-down Collar Dress
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    Turn-down Collar Dress

    The material is 100% polyester yarn-dyed pattern fabric, with fine flowers, good shape and pure color. Turn-down collar and sleeveless design, to bring the charms that are simple and fashion. Bubble skirt design is modern and special, with the generous style.Read More
  • Cute Polka Dot Dress
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    Cute Polka Dot Dress

    Original design by senior designer, with 3D draping cutting. The high quality fabric: 100% polyester, which is skin-friendly and breathable, soft and smooth touching, good draping sense, and comfortable. Pleated empire waist to present exquisite process crafts and technologies.Read More
  • Slimming Color Block Dress
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    Slimming Color Block Dress

    This slimming color block dress is originally designed into the sexy and girly style with draping cut. Mosaic type of pleated dress with color blocking, which shows the unique and outstanding inspiration from the designer.Read More
  • OL Dress
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    OL Dress

    Original design of this OL dress, the use of three-dimensional cut, black mysterious temptation to bring you with sexy that can not be stood. Stand collar design, slim fit to make this dress feel more fashionable and personal, and show the perfect charming figure of ladies.Read More
  • Black Lace Sleeveless Dress
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    Black Lace Sleeveless Dress

    Using high level and quality fabrics, with a very comfortable feel, to bring lasting breathable enjoy to the skin. Comfortable and warm protection to the body, version type fit, clear texture, soft and skin-friendly, and it has bright color, which makes this black lace sleeveless top dress...Read More
  • Black Crochet Lace Dress
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    Black Crochet Lace Dress

    Classic and elegant black color combines simple shape design and fine cutting, which makes this dress is fashion and easy matching to present the ladies’ modern charms. The lace with sequin fabric has little elasticity, that is soft, smooth, breathable and skin-friendly.Read More
  • Vintage Print Dress
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    Vintage Print Dress

    This vintage print dress is a suit with two pieces, which is also originally designed through stereoscopic slitting, and the fabric component is good quality 100% polyester. The retro charm is highlighted by sleeveless top and knees covered skirt. The fabric is soft, comfortable,...Read More
  • New Dress Stitching Style
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    New Dress Stitching Style

    This is a new type of vintage vest stitching style dress, it was designed originally with stereoscopic cutting by senior professors. The sleeveless design that will bring you a fresh and cool feeling in the hot summer and reveal the female slender and elegant arms.Read More
  • Lace Short Sleeve Dress
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    Lace Short Sleeve Dress

    Collar design: elegant, generous and simple, showing charming clavicle, so that your neck to enjoy freedom, not bound. Shoulder details uses fit clipping, so that it makes this dress more fit for the body shape, which lets the wearing more comfortable.Read More
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